Accel World Season 2 – Latest Updates, News, Release Date in 2018!

Accel World Season 2 – Latest Updates, News, Release Date in 2018!

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Accel World season 2 was not yet announced in 2018, so all the reports suggesting it was confirmed or canceled are fake. You won’t find an official release date here since it doesn’t exist. Instead what I want to look at is if Accel World season 2 can ever happen and speculate when.

I believe a lot of people are interested in the chance of a sequel to Accel World. So as a huge fan I did spend several hours investigating about Accel world to figure out if and when season 2 is possible. So should you just read the English light novels if you want the continuation?

Well, if you want a quick answer, then I believe Accel World season 2 episode 1 will most most likely air in late 2019 or 2020. There are excellent reasons why I think that and we will get to that later in the article. That doesn’t mean I believe that 100% because there are conditions that can stop Accel World season 2 from happening.

So how did I conclude that there will be Accel World season 2? Well, there are three essential things to consider for a sequel possibility. And those are:

1. Did season 1 of Accel World make enough profit for a season 2?
2. How much popular was AW and is the fan-base still there?
3. Is there source material left to adapt?

In short, it’s money, popularity and source material. There are plenty of other causes why continuation may not happen, but these are the three primary reasons. Now let’s examine them to speculate if and when can season 2 happen.

Is there anything left to adapt for Accel World season 2?

The anime of Accel World that did air in 2012 adapted volume 1-4 and 10. The movie Infinite Burst did skip a few books and adapted later stuff from volume 19 and later. The 2 OVA are side-stories, so they didn’t cover any book.

Kawahara Reki has released 22 volumes of Accel World illustrated by HiMA in Japanese so far with 23 coming in September of 2018. Looking at the release schedule, he made only two volumes in 2016 and 1 in 2017. 2018 looks like it will be only one again this year.

There is a manga adaptation of Accel World, but that is just retelling of the light novels in manga format. We don’t need to consider that for source material for possible season 2. Same goes for the Accel World / Dural: Magisa Garden spin-off series. Both the manga and spin-off ended already anyway.

So as we can see, 18 Accel World light novel volumes are not adapted yet into anime. That means there is more than enough source material to adapt for Accel World Season 2. And that answers one of our essential questions about the potential sequel.

If you don’t want to wait anymore for the sequel, then you can already read the continuation after the anime. The English translations of Accel World light novels from Yen Press are already at volume 14.

Did Accel World anime make sufficient profit to receive season 2?

1. Accel World Blu-Ray sales –

Season 1 – 9000 average copies sold per volume.
Movie – Almost 7000 copies sold.
BD-Box – Close to 1000 copies sold.

Any anime that sells close to 10k average does usually have a decent shot at a sequel. The movie selling 7k copies is a little astonishment for me since it was a half recap without informing people about it beforehand.

There is going to be released another Blu-ray box in Japan this year. It looks like the difference will be that this new one will be cheaper. The first one was pretty expensive. The Accel World Movie Infinite Burst English dubbed/subs will be released this October in the USA.

2. Accel World Games sales –

Accel World: Ginyoku no Kakusei – Around 30k copies sold.
Accel World: Kasoku no Chōten – Around 20k copies sold.

I compared Accel World game sales to other games based on Anime property, and I think it did well. The fact that they did a sequel to the first game should tell you that as well. Other games Include Accel World franchise as well.

Accel World x Sword Art Online game is one of them and Fighting Climax from Dengeki Bunko, but I won’t count that. There is no way to know how much they sold because Accel World had characters like Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki there. I believe there is some mobile game as well.

3. Accel World Light Novel yearly sales –

1,033,906 copies in 2012.
546,142 copies in 2013.
275,084 copies in 2014.
237,742 copies in 2015.
Less than 150,000 in 2016.
Less than 150,000 in 2017.

The only reason the sales don’t look that great if you compare them to something like Re:Zero, Konosubaor Overlord is because of the release rate. The individual volumes still sell close to 80-90k even though the last one did only 66k.

4. Accel World Merchandise quantities –

100 Figures – 70% are Kuroyukihime/Black Lotus, and the rest is Silver Crow, Chiyuri, Scarlet Rain.
150 Goods – Staff like a pillowcase, plushes, wall-scrolls, key-chains, wallpapers, etc.

Accel World season 1 got a decent amount of figures even though is mostly Kuroyukihime. 150 Goods for a two cour series on the lower end, but it’s still a good number. The Infinite Burst movie got close to zero merch or figures.

5. Accel World: Infinite Burst Box Office – ¥115,000,000

The box office is low, but it only had 19 screens and pretty poor marketing effort. I don’t know what they expected from the movie when it was only half new stuff and half old recap.

There are numerous means to generate profit from an anime adaptation I won’t post here like for instance:

Music and soundtrack sales, web radio, voice alarm app, smartphone games, trading cards, drama CD, collaborations, streaming, international licenses and more…

Everything I addressed above is merely to answer the question if it did make a profit for Accel World season 2. The apparent conclusion is yes, but I guess the Infinite Burst movie did pretty poorly.

How is Accel World popularity doing six years after the anime ended?

If we glance at merchandise, then it’s rather sad. The only thing Accel World got in the last two years is a new Kuroyukihime bunny figma. The movie did not affect merchandise popularity positively.

The light novels aren’t doing considerable better because it looks like there will be only 1 volume published this year again. Normal release speed is 2-3 books per year. Kawahara Reki has his hands full with SAO and Accel World is left in the dust.

The official website was last updated in 2016. The only thing the Accel World twitter posted was about AW x SAO game in the past few months. Manga and the spin-off series ended, and there is nothing new announced.

Accel world has 4.800.000 million copies in print as of 06/2017. The latest Accel World volume 21 sold around 70k at least according to Oricon. I wonder how much will the new BD box and volume 23 sell.

Well, to put it frankly the franchise is currently on life-support since the movie aired in 2016. If Kadokawa want’s to keep it alive and to sell they should do something about it like Accel World season 2.

If you want something positive, then the light novel sales are still significant even today, and the movie was just two years ago, so it’s not that long since we received something.

Conclusion: Here is why I think Accel World season 2 will be in 2020

There were rumors that season 2 didn’t happen because Sunrise the studio behind Accel World was busy with Love Live. I don’t know how much of that is true, but in 2013-2014 I was expecting some news about season 2. The popularity and sales were there.

It’s 2018 now, and I still have some hope that Accel World season 2 will be announced next year and air in 2020. Well, you may ask why I think that and the answer is simple.

First of all, in the year 2019, it will be the Accel World 10th anniversary, and I expect something announced. The second reason is that they can’t wait any longer if they want to keep the franchise alive. The light novel sales are already starting to drop.

Another reason is that Sunrise studio eight is doing now Love Live movie, but they have yet to announce another season. That means maybe they would be able to do season 2 of Accel World.

And the final reason is that SAO is the last arc and ending soon so Kawahara Reki can finally write more Accel World.

I guess we will see next year how will it pan out, but if there is no announcement for the 10th anniversary, then I would say Accel World is slowly going to die.

Anyway, support the series by buying light novels, merchandise, and so on, and believe for that announcement in 2019 for s2!

Consider sharing this post and please support the series if you can! Also, let me know what you think the comments!

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